Non-Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • City Police
     (252) 299-2323
    Check warrants, check for officer working, schedule funeral escorts, etc.
  • City Fire
     (252) 399-2890/2891
    To reach fire administration, prevention, or operations
  • Sheriff
     (252) 299-2850
    Speak with sheriff/deputies, check warrants, funeral escorts, etc.
  • Detention Center
     (252) 237-2522
    See if someone is in jail/check warrants after hours
  • City Police Drug Hotline
     (252) 399-2353
    Leave confidential drug information
  • Nuisances
     (252) 237-8300
    Press 1 for abandoned vehicles, loud music etc. Press 2 for Administration. Press 3 for address change
  • Magistrates
     (252) 237-8391
    Speak with Magistrate, questions on filing warrants
  • Utilities
     (252) 399-2444
    Report power outages, gas or water outages, etc.
  • Animal Control
     (252) 291-8142
    Report Stray Animals


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