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The Wilson County Partnership for Children is currently governed by 18 members of the Board of Directors, representing parents, health care, public agencies, communities of faith, child care centers, educational institutions, civic organizations, and concerned citizens. Below is a list of Board members.

Business & Community - Six members

Krystal Savage


End of Term: 2020

Melissa Cummings

Administrative Assistant, BB&T

End of Term: 2018

Sue Dail

Retired Teacher

End of Term: 2020

Rodney Dancy

Emergency Preparation Coordinator

End of Term: 2020

Kelly Vick

President, Wilson Housing Authority

End of Term: 2020

Dr. Amanda Jones


End of Term: 2020

Elizabeth Pennington

Nurse Practitioner - Wilson Community Health

End of Term: 2020

Services - Six members

Amparo Hernandez

Bi-Lingual Interpreter

End of Term: 2018

Christy Woodard

Registered Nurse, CM

End of Term: 2019

Terri Blanton

Wilson Medical Center

End of Term: 2020

Dr. Kristy Snuggs

Director, NEED Inc.

End of Term: 2017

Corey Mitchell

Speech Language Pathologist

End of Term: 2020

Government - Six members

Beverly Boyette

Retired Principal

End of Term: 2018

Derrick Creech

City Councilman

End of Term: 2018

Morgan Daughety

Dean, Wilson Community College

End of Term: 2020

Amber Denning

Prevention Social Worker, DSS  

End of Term: 2019

Dr. Sylvia Mizzelle

Wilson County Schools

End of Term: 2018

Kate Webb

Social Worker, Wilson County Health Department

End of Term: 2018


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Next Meetings

Next CCR&R Committee Meeting Date:
January 11, 2018
Next Board Meeting Date:
January 24, 2018
Next NC Pre-K Committee Meeting Date
February 12, 2018
Next Executive Committee Meeting Date:
February 21, 2018

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