Letter from Chair of Board, Kate Webb

Welcome to Wilson County Partnership for Children!

If you are reading this, you are probably coming from the same background as me: a community member who is vested in the success of Wilson County’s children. You may have a child, you may teach children in a child care setting, or you may understand that with extra effort put into children, you can change the trajectory of a generation.

Whatever capacity from which you hail, I am glad you’re here! The Wilson County Partnership for Children (WCPFC) seeks community members like you to move Wilson County forward in its education of children birth to five years old. WCPFC plays a major role in this! We constantly seek volunteers to serve on our Board of Directors, committees responsible for the NC Pre-K and Child Care Resource and Referral programs, or for various community events that take place throughout the year. We are also interested in forming relationships with community partners in order to best serve the children of Wilson County.

As the Chair of the Board of Directors, it has been my honor and privilege to work with this organization. I have made an investment in the children of this county with the hope that I am making Wilson County a better place to live. The First 2,000 Days campaign suggests that investments in children this young will produce changes in economic development, national security, and crime rates for generations to come. I am confident in knowing that my investment is building my community.

Your ability to invest your time and/or finances in WCPFC guarantees that you are changing children’s lives in your community in ways that no other organization could. WCPFC is committed to providing highly qualified teachers in 4- and 5-star child care centers for the NC Pre-K program. Direct oversight of the Child Care Subsidy program ensures that we are helping the children most in need of child care and encouraging families to choose quality child care for their children. Funding Direct Service Providers to enhance parent education, health education, literacy programs, science and technology programs, and family support services are also covered by WCPFC.

Your willingness to engage your support of WCPFC is a true gift to Wilson County!

Please contact me at if you have any questions about where to start. I would love to tell you more about WCPFC and its importance in Wilson County’s development.

Thanks for visiting our page and I hope to hear from you soon!

Kate Webb

Chair, Board of Directors


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