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NC Pre-K provides at risk four year olds with high quality educational experiences to enhance their school readiness. The NC Pre-K requirements are built on the National Education Goals Panel’s idea that to be successful in school, a child needs to be prepared in all five developmental domains that are critical to their well-being and success in reading and math. The five domains are: approaches to play and learning, emotional and social development, health and physical development, language development and communication, and cognitive development. The NC Pre-K program is required to meet the NC Child Care Rules. The NC Pre-K program also meets all 10 National Institute of Early Education Research Benchmarks (NIEER). Benchmarks include comprehensive Early Learning Standards; staff meet education/licensure requirements, professional development; 1:9 staff/child ratio; developmental screens and referral; evidence-based curriculum and formative assessments; monitoring and nutritional requirements.

To qualify for NC Pre-K, families must meet the following requirements:

  • Reside in Wilson County
  • Child must be four years old on or before August 31st of the program year in which the child will be served.
  • Must meet Income and other requirements

NC Pre-K classrooms operate on a 6 1/2 hour per-day program for 10 months per school calendar year. NC Pre-K sites must be a 4 or 5 stars licensed program. NC Pre-K sites in Wilson County include:

  • Hattie Daniels
  • Kiddie Kampus
  • Jones Elementary
  • Margaret Hearne Elementary 

NOTE: No transportation offered from any of the sites

Will your child be 4 on or before August 31, 2020?

Will your child be 4 on or before August 31, 2021?

How to apply to the 2021-2022 NC Pre-K Application:

  1. Please click here to apply online, and submit your child’s application along with required documents for the 2021-2022 NC Pre-K Program year.
    Click here to print this PDF version of the application. Completed applications along with the required documents can be left in the brown drop box, or mailed to Wilson County Partnership for Children 109 Park Avenue West PO Box 2661 Wilson, NC 27893.
  2. Click here to print the Health Assessment. This form must be completed by your child’s doctor.
  3. Click here to print the Wage Verification Form(English) / Click here to print the Wage Verification Form(Spanish). 
    This form must be completed by your employer, and sent along with your child’s application.
    (Complete this form if you are paid with cash/personal check only).
  4. Click here if you do not have documentation of income. This form must be sent along with your child’s application.

Wilson County Partnership for Children
109 Park Avenue West
PO Box 2661
Wilson, NC 27893

Client Testimonial

My daughter was placed at Kidsworld Learning Center under the NC Pre-K program. My daughter has learned so much since being placed in the program. Even though school starts at home, my daughter was not interested in learning. She knew her ABC’s and how to count to ten, but she could not recognize them when flashed to her. But oh, how things have changed! She not only knows her ABC’s, but she recognizes all 26 letters when flashed to her out of order. She knows numbers 1-20 when flashed, and knows all her colors and shapes. She evens knows what an octagon is at 4 years old. I am so proud of my baby, she is reading at 4 years old. She comes home so excited every time she gets a new book. There are two site words in each book, so far she has mastered the words: I, see, on, ride, play, and with. I think her teachers have done a wonderful job with her and I appreciate the work they do. My baby knows her days of the week and the months of the year. She has learned how to spell and write her name in which I am amazed because she has a long first name. She knows her address and both her parents first and last names. I am truly amazed at how fast and how much she has learned in such a short amount of time. It shows the teachers are really doing their jobs.

Client Testimonial

Jackie was 4 when she came to live in our home. We welcomed her into our family of 5 and became a family of 6. She has opened our eyes to many things and shown us the meaning of unconditional love.

Jackie’s little life has not always been easy. She has endured much pain and suffering in her short 5 years. Jackie was placed in foster care when she was around 1 due to abuse and neglect. She and her sister were placed together in a home while her biological parents worked on a plan to get their children back. While the girls were in care, their parents gave birth to a third daughter who was placed in a separate foster home. The girls remained in the Department of Social Services custody for about a year.

Jackie’s parents worked very hard and did eventually have all three girls returned to their home. Very shortly after getting the girls back, Jackie’s father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and their family started to fall apart again.  Jackie’s mother was unable to care for the girls and her father was gravely ill.

In the spring of 2015, Jackie’s father had no choice to but to find suitable care for all three of his beautiful daughters. He asked our family if we would welcome her into our home and become the family that she so desperately needed. WE accepted immediately knowing that this was God’s plan for our family. Jackie’s sisters were placed with two other loving families, and they see each other on a regular basis but she still misses them. In August, Jackie started attending Hattie Daniels NC Pre-K program. She fell in love with her teachers. She would come home and tell me all about the fun things she got to do at school. She began to excel and blossom. In September, just a few weeks into the school year, Jackie’s father lost his battle with cancer. His last request was that his daughters would be looked after and cared for. Jackie was crushed by the loss of her beloved father. She still sleeps with his picture under her pillow.

School has been such a blessing to Jackie. It has been a refuge where she can go and talk to her teachers about what’s going on. In her teachers, she has found caring and compassionate adults who will listen and love her. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t run back into the class as we are leaving to give second and third hugs to Ms. Jennifer and Mrs. Gray. Hattie Daniels has nurtured my daughter, given her strength, guidance, as well as a sound education.

At the beginning of this school year Jackie couldn’t say her alphabet or count to twenty. Now she can says her ABC’s, count, write her name, as well as recognize letters and their sounds. She is learning sight words and beginning to read. The progress she has made is amazing. Her teachers have encouraged her to be everything that she can be. Jackie is definitely kindergarten ready thanks to the NC Pre-K Program. The staff of Hattie Daniels has continuously made a difference in the lives of numerous children. Jackie is one of them.